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West Somerset

West Somerset, not Somerset West, is in the English county of Somerset which is a local government district. Besides this, there is a Somerset West, which is a town in South Africa. West Somerset is a district situated in the South West England, which was established on 1 April 1974, according to the Local Government Act, 1972 of United Kingdom.

The district is the least populous non-unitary district of England, which covers a vast rural area of 740 sq kilometers with the population of roughly 3,000. It has one of the most beautiful landscapes in England. The district is surrounded by hill, forest, and sea on all side. Two third of the land on the western side is the part of Exmoor National Park. And Quantock Hills are located at the eastern edge of the district.

west somerset

The administrative HQ of the council of this district is located in the village of Williton, while an additional office of the HQ is located in the biggest town of the district named Minehead.
The population of the West Somerset which is very least with the oldest average age in the United Kingdom. The density of the population of the district is 130 per sq kilometers. The largest center of the population is Minehead, where the district HQ’s additional administrative is situated and the population of the coastal town Minehead is 12000, while the second largest center of the population, which is the town Watchet has 4400 people only.
Williton, the administrative HQ of the West Somerset district is the largest village in the district. It has all the qualities of being a small town. It situated 3.2 kilometers south from the Watchet and on the junctions of Taunton, Minehead and Bridgwater, the main town of the Somerset County.

Mine head, the main town of the West Somerset, is also the oldest town in the West Somerset district. There has evidence that human lived there since the bronze and iron ages. This is one of the oldest port city of Somerset.
The district governed by a council which was formed in 1973 at the time of the district’s formation. The election of the district council held after a period of four years. From the beginning time, the independent party is won the council election with the majority. But from 2003 the situation was changing. Conservative party won the election since 2003 in a sequence. Between total 38 councilor seats, the conservative party won in 20 in the last election of 2015.
The biggest occupation group of the West Somerset districts is skilled trades, where 30% people of the occupation groups are skilled traders. A huge number of people are work as well officials.
There is good news for them, who are interested about West Somerset. West Somerset and Taunton Deane Council’s are signed in an agreement to merge the districts in one at a meeting in September 2016. The principle will work from 1 April 2019, with the first election of the new council in May 2019. The new district would still be a part of Somerset County.


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