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Learning How to Ride Horses

If you love the horse and want to pass time and take your body fit with a horse than horse riding is for you. But one can’t learn to ride a horse by a book or a website or a video, eventually, it’s not safe enough. The best way to learn how to ride a horse is to admit in a horse riding school and go with a coach or instructor. But this article will help you to know and understand the basics of horse riding, which will help you in future when you go to the school. There we describe how to ride horses in a sequence.

Horse Riding


Step1: Selecting a riding school

If you want to learn how to ride horses, then first select a school. You will find so many schools in your city but selecting one from them is quite difficult. Please first, gather information about all and then select one.

Step2: Prepare for the first day of riding lesson

After selecting a school then times comes for the preparation for going to the school. Before going for the first lesson, how to dress is an important question. You may select comfortable trouser to wear, not a tight one and can wear boots or shoes with a small heel, which have not chunky grip on the sole.

Step3: Mount your horse

Please mount your horse from the leg side by keeping your left leg into the stirrup and lifting your right along with your body upwards. Don’t forget to hold the reins tightly in your left hand and land in the saddle slowly, so you won’t hurt the pony or horse. You may use a mounting block for the first time.

Step4: Adjust yourself in the saddle for balance

After mounting, take some time to position you with balance in the saddle. Keep your body straight along with your shoulders. Keep your weight in the middle where you seat. After positioning yourself, when you feel secure, then adjust the stirrups with your legs. It may take some time for the first time. Position your legs inward. Keep your ankle stable and your heels pointing downward. And also point your toes upward.

Step5: Asking your horse to walk

Then the riding time arrived. Ask your horse to walk by making a clucking sound and squeezing horse sides slightly with both of your legs. If he doesn’t respond to your clucking sound, then you will have to squeeze quite harder.

Step6: Asking your horse to stop

You must know how to stop the horse. Lean slightly to the back and make another sound and pull the reins. Don’t give mixed signal by squeezing the horse sides with your leg.

Step7: Ask to turn

Squeeze your right leg to the side and slightly pull your left hand to the left for turning the horse to left. Make the same sequence mirrored to turn your horse right.

Step8: Asking your horse to trot

There are two types of trot, sitting trot and rising trot. If you are able to control your horse, then ask your horse to trot. For sitting the trot, you need to squeeze him from both sides and clucking a sound. When you need rising trot, do the same by standing in the stirrups with the momentum of the horse.

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